rises, rising, rose, risen
1) VERB If something rises, it moves upwards.

[V from/to n] Wilson's ice-cold eyes watched the smoke rise from his cigarette...

The powdery dust rose in a cloud around him.

Rise up means the same as rise.

V P from/to n Spray rose up from the surface of the water... V P Black dense smoke rose up.

2) VERB When you rise, you stand up. [FORMAL]

[V from n] Luther rose slowly from the chair...

He looked at Livy and Mark, who had risen to greet him.

Rise up means the same as rise.

Also V P V P from n The only thing I wanted was to rise up from the table and leave this house.

3) VERB When you rise, you get out of bed. [FORMAL]

Tony had risen early and gone to the cottage to work.

4) VERB When the sun or moon rises, it appears in the sky.

He wanted to be over the line of the ridge before the sun had risen.

5) VERB You can say that something rises when it appears as a large tall shape. [LITERARY]

[V prep/adv] The building rose before him, tall and stately...

[V prep/adv] The towers rise out of a concrete podium.

Rise up means the same as rise.

V P prep/adv The White Mountains rose up before me.

6) VERB If the level of something such as the water in a river rises, it becomes higher.

The waters continue to rise as more than 1,000 people are evacuated.

...the tides rise and fall.

7) VERB If land rises, it slopes upwards.

[V prep/adv] He looked up the slope of land that rose from the house...

The ground begins to rise some 20 yards away...

[V-ing] The great house stood on rising ground.

8) N-COUNT: usu sing A rise is an area of ground that slopes upwards.

The pub itself was on a rise, commanding views across the countryside...

I climbed to the top of a rise overlooking the ramparts.

9) VERB If an amount rises, it increases.

[V from/to amount] Pre-tax profits rose from ₤842,000 to ₤1.82m...

[V by amount] Tourist trips of all kinds in Britain rose by 10.5% between 1977 and 1987...

[V amount] Exports in June rose 1.5% to a record $30.91 billion...

Investment levels have fallen, while the number of business failures has risen...

[V-ing] The increase is needed to meet rising costs.

10) N-COUNT: N in n A rise in the amount of something is an increase in it.

...the prospect of another rise in interest rates...

Foreign nationals have begun leaving because of a sharp rise in violence.

11) N-COUNT A rise is an increase in your wages or your salary. [BRIT]

He will get a pay rise of nearly ₤4,000.

(in AM, use raise)
12) N-SING: the N of n The rise of a movement or activity is an increase in its popularity or influence.

The rise of racism in America is a serious concern.

...the rise of home ownership.

13) VERB If the wind rises, it becomes stronger.

The wind was still rising, approaching a force nine gale.

Rise up means the same as rise.

V P Foxworth shivered as the wind rose up and roared through the beech trees.

14) VERB If a sound rises or if someone's voice rises, it becomes louder or higher.

`Bernard?' Her voice rose hysterically...

[V to n] His voice rose almost to a scream.

15) VERB If a sound rises from a group of people, it comes from them.

[V from n] There were low, muffled voices rising from the hallway.

Rise up means the same as rise.

V P From the people, a cheer rose up.

16) VERB If an emotion rises in someone, they suddenly feel it very intensely so that it affects their behaviour.

A tide of emotion rose and clouded his judgement...

[V in n] The thought made anger rise in him and he went into a bar and had a double whisky.

17) VERB If your colour rises or if a blush rises in your cheeks, you turn red because you feel angry, embarrassed, or excited.

[V in n] Amy felt the colour rising in her cheeks at the thought. [Also V]

18) VERB When the people in a country rise, they try to defeat the government or army that is controlling them.

[V against n] The National Convention has promised armed support to any people who wish to rise against armed oppression. [Also V]

Derived words:
rising plural N-COUNT

...popular risings against tyrannical rulers.

Rise up means the same as rise.

V P He warned that if the government moved against him the people would rise up... V P against n A woman called on the population to rise up against the government.

19) VERB If someone rises to a higher position or status, they become more important, successful, or powerful.

[V prep] She is a strong woman who has risen to the top of a deeply sexist organisation...

[V prep] From an unlikely background he has risen rapidly through the ranks of government.

Rise up means the same as rise.

V P prep I started with Hoover 26 years ago in sales and rose up through the ranks.

20) N-SING: with poss The rise of someone is the process by which they become more important, successful, or powerful.

Haig's rise was fuelled by an all-consuming sense of patriotic duty...

The group celebrated the regime's rise to power in 1979.

21) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR n If something gives rise to an event or situation, it causes that event or situation to happen.

Low levels of choline in the body can give rise to high blood-pressure...

The picture gave rise to speculation that the three were still alive and being held captive.

22) to rise to the baitsee bait
to rise to the challengesee challenge
to rise to the occasionsee occasion
Phrasal Verbs:

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